About the Seattle City Clerk's Online Information Resources

The Clerk's Online Information Resources site provides access to to City of Seattle records managed by the Office of the City Clerk, including the Seattle Municipal Archives, as well as the Seattle Municipal Code.

For a complete list of online databases, see All Online Resources. For more information about the records of the Seattle City Clerk's Office, paper and electronic, see the Guide to the Records of the Seattle City Clerk.

Legislative Information

The databases offered include indexes to the City's legislative records, including Council bills and ordinances, resolutions, and Clerk files. These databases are updated daily to show the current status of bills and resolutions before the City Council.

Council Bills and Ordinances

Ordinances are City legislation which have the force of law. They are referred to as Council Bills before they are enacted, and remain Council Bills if not passed by the City Council and approved. The Council Bills and Ordinances database is an index to these items from 1869 to the present, and contains the full text of all legislation introduced since January, 1996.


Resolutions are City legislation of an advisory nature or which state policy. The Resolutions database is an index to these items from 1890 to the present, and contains the full text of all legislation introduced since January, 1996.

Clerk and Comptroller Files

Clerk and Comptroller Files are official filings of the City which include such items as land use case files before the City Council, appointment files, election campaign reporting files, agency rules, and reports. The Clerk and Comptroller Files database is an index to these records from 1895 to the present.

Seattle Municipal Code

The Seattle Municipal Code is a compilation of general and permanent ordinances of the City. The online Code is updated monthly. All parts of the text are searchable, including code sections, text words and RCW and ordinance citations.

Municipal Archives Records

Municipal Archives Guide

The Seattle Municipal Archives Record Series Guide contains up-to-date descriptions of the City's historical records, whether housed at the City Clerk's office or elsewhere. The Archives database is searchable by agency name, record description, and index terms.

Seattle Municipal Archives Subject Files

The Seattle Municipal Archives Subject Files database is an index to file titles and date spans for many of the subject files in the Archives. The file contents are not available in electronic form. Contact the Seattle Municipal Archives to use these records.

Seattle Municipal Archives Photograph Collection

The Photograph Collection Index contains descriptions and digital images of photographs in the Municipal Archives. This index is under development, and contains over 100,000 records representing photographs made between 1890 and the present.

Note about limitations of these data

The information in these databases is believed to be correct, but errors may be present. Be aware that the process of making this information available in a consistent form affects the format of some documents, and their appearance may differ significantly from that of the original printed copy. The information in these databases is not the "official" copy of any information represented here. For copies of officially filed legislative documents, contact the Seattle City Clerk's Office. The official, printed Seattle Municipal Code is available at many Seattle Public Library branches and other area libraries. It is available for purchase from Municipal Code Corporation.

Questions and Comments

We invite you to send questions or comments using our online feedback form: http://www.seattle.gov/leg/clerk/feedback.htm, or you may contact us in person, by phone, or by email:

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