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Recent Legislation

The Combined Legislative Records Search provides a single search across City legislation and related records. Includes indexes to Ordinances, Resolutions, Comptroller/Clerk Files, and Published City Documents.

Interactive Annexation Tool: From the time of its initial incorporation until 1975, the City of Seattle underwent 42 annexations, with two more added since then. This interactive annexation tool is an online resource that visually displays areas annexed from 1869 through 1975. Language used is taken directly from the legislation.

Proposed Citizen Initiatives

Citizen Initiative and Referenda Guides

Initiative 102, to establish protections for Seattle tax payers from cost overruns on all state transportation projects within Seattle, to establish policies to provide cost transparency and accountability, and to prohibit city officials from entering into interlocal agreements that do not meet the standards established through said protections.

Initiative 101, to prohibit the construction, operation, or use of City of Seattle right-of-way(s) or City-owned property for the construction and/or operation of a tunnel replacing that portion of SR 99 commonly known as the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Filed July 29, 2010.