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Legislation >>

The City Clerk's Office offers two tools for searching legislative records. The first contains agendas, Council minutes, and legislation introduced to Council from February 9, 2015 to the present. The second includes items passed or not passed by Council from the 1860s to February 9, 2015.

Council Bills/Ordinances

Ordinances are City legislation which have the force of law. They are called Council Bills before they are enacted, and become Ordinances if passed by the City Council and approved. The Council Bills and Ordinances index contains the full text of all legislation introduced since January 1996.
Search Council Bills/Ordinances February 9, 2015 - Present
Search Council Bills/Ordinances Prior to February 9, 2015

City Council Resolutions

Resolutions are City legislation of an advisory nature, which state policy, or which take certain actions without the force of law. The Resolution index contains the full text of all legislation introduced since January 1996.
Search Resolutions February 9, 2015 - Present
Search Resolutions Prior to February 9, 2015

Comptroller/ Clerk Files

Clerk and Comptroller Files are official filings of the City which include such items as land use case files before the City Council, appointment files, election campaign reporting files, agency rules, and reports. Selected recent documents contain full text in electronic form.
Search Comptroller/ Clerk Files February 9, 2015 - Present
Search Comptroller/ Clerk Files Prior to February 9, 2015


Appointments are records of individuals appointed to a specific department, office, board, commission, public development authority, or other body. This record type starts from February 9, 2015 to present. Appointments before February 9, 2015 are Clerk File records.
Search Appointments February 9, 2015 - Present
Search Appointments Prior to February 9, 2015

Combined Legislative Records Search

Combined search across legislation and related records prior to February 9, 2015. Includes indexes to Ordinances, Resolutions, Comptroller/Clerk Files, and Published City Documents.
Search Combined Legislative Records Prior to February 9, 2015

Recent Legislation

Summary lists of City of Seattle Ordinances

Legislative Process >>

City Council Minutes - February 2015 to Present
City Council Minutes - 2002-February 2015
Minutes of the full City Council meetings are searchable in full text. Minutes of Council Committee meetings are not included.
City Council Agendas - CURRENT
City Council Agendas - 2002-February 2015
Agendas of full City Council Meeting and Council Committees are searchable in full text.
Budget Documents
City Council Budget Committee records are added to this database as they become available throughout the budget process.
City Council Committee History
This database contains descriptions, membership information, and dates of existence for Seattle City Council committees from 1946 to the present.
Seattle City Council General Rules and Procedures as amended through Resolution 31806, April 2018.
Rules governing Council procedures for quasi-judicial proceedings, as amended through Resolution No. 31375.
Citizen Initiative and Referenda Guides

Seattle Municipal Code and City Charter >>

Seattle Municipal Code
The Seattle Municipal Code is a classified compilation of the general and permanent ordinances of the City of Seattle. More on the SMC.
Seattle City Charter
The City Charter embodies the fundamental principles of the City, defines the City's powers and duties, and guarantees certain rights to the people.

Rules, Decisions, and Additional Resources >>

Consultant Contract Index
Index to consultant contracts filed with the City Clerk.
Seattle Ethics and Election Rules
Current administrative rules governing Seattle's Ethics, Elections, Voter's Pamphlet, Lobbying, and Whistleblower codes.
Seattle Hearing Examiner Decisions - 1990-present
Full text of select decisions of the Seattle Hearing Examiner are available online. Current cases are posted monthly (e.g., January decisions are posted in February, etc).
Business Tax Rules
Full text of current administrative rules implementing the Seattle business and occupation tax, SMC 5.45.
City of Seattle Public Corporation Reference
SMC Chapter 3.110 requires that public corporations file certain documents and reports with the Seattle City Clerk's Office. The following offers short-cuts to lists of such documents filed with the City Clerk, most recently filed document listed first.
Annexed Cities Reference (1890-1910)

Seattle Municipal Archives

General Indexes >>

Municipal Archives Record Series Guide
The searchable version of the Guide contains record series level descriptions of material documenting the history and activities of City government.
Municipal Archives Subject Files
The Subject Files database indexes file folder titles and date spans for most of the collections in the Archives. A search in this database will bring together folder titles on similar subjects even though they may have originated in different City agencies.
Published City Document Index
This database indexes government documents published by or for the City from the 1890s to the present, with the largest percentage of documents dating from the 1960s to the present.

Audio-Visual Materials >>

Photograph Index
Motion Picture Film Index
Audio Collection Index
Folklife Audio Index

Specialized Indexes >>

Municipal Archives Map Index
This index includes catalog records and selected digital images for maps dating from the 1890s to the 1990s.
General Files Index (1870s-1905)
Annexed Cities Reference (1890-1910)
1999 World Trade Organization Accountability Review Committee Document Catalog
City Council Committee History Database
This database contains descriptions, membership information, and dates of existence for Seattle City Council committees from 1971 to the present.
Early Council Proceedings Index
Index to scans of Seattle City Council Minutes dating 1881-1901
Research Library Index
The Office of the City Clerk's Research Library holds more than 500 volumes which are available to the public for use.

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