Important Message Concerning the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC)

Starting in October 2014 the City of Seattle will be moving support and hosting of the SMC to Municode Inc. using their MunicodeNEXT product and we anticipate the migration will be completed by 5 January 2015 at which time the City supported site will be deactivated.

Here are some links to the MunicodeNEXT based SMC as well as some information to make the transition easier.     Seattle Municipal Code      New Features/System Requirements and tutorial link.

You are encouraged to try the page and begin using it as your source for the SMC.

Seattle Municipal Code

Includes Ordinances passed through 12 August 2014 except Ords. 124105 and 124490 which is awaiting certification by King County.
To locate pending and recent legislation amending the code, see Recent Legislation or search the full text of Council Bill and Ordinances (1996-present).

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