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Seattle Annexation Map - South portions


The annexations in this map include the following neighborhoods*: Beacon Hill, Mid-Beacon Hill, and Rainier Beach.

A comprehensive list of Seattle annexations and related ordinances is also available.
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Annexation Map of South portions
Map Area District Ordinance Number Ordinance Approved Effective Date Annexed
17 Area surrounded by city in Section 20, T 24 N, R 4 E, WM Admitted by state laws of 1921    
25 Lake Ridge Division No. 3 and No. 4 Additions et al. 74432 11/28/1945  
Amended by 74602 2/22/1946 12/31/1945
27 Lake Ridge Park 76422 10/30/1947 11/29/1947
33 Lot 151, Block 16, C. D. Hillman's Meadow Garden Addition, Division No. 2 79227 8/22/1950 1/1/1951

* = All neighborhoods listed are based on neighborhood designations from the Seattle City Clerk's Neighborhood Atlas.