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Abhyankar, R.M.
Accountability Review Committee, Seattle City Council (WTO ARC)
Action Resource Center (Los Angeles)
Adamcik, Robert (FEMA)
Adams, Gary (Mayor of Newcastle)
Adams, Jason (Workers and Students for a Walkout Network)
Addison, Andra (Seattle Public Library PIO)
Adkins, Steven J. (Metro Transit Police)
Administrative Services (FBI)
Aiken, Kyle (Legal Unit)
Airborne Express
Airlift Northwest (ALNW)
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld
Alberg, Catherine (Seattle Police)
Alberthal, Sgt.
Alberts, Collette
Albright, Madeline (US Secretary of State)
Albro, Tom (Seattle Monorail Services)
Alcoba, Fermin (WTO)
Alderson, Mike (Tukwila Fire Department)
Aldrich, Newell (Aide to Councilmember Licata)
Alef, Allen (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms)
Allen, Debbie (Police Capt.)
Allen, George (Aide to Councilmember Compton)
Allen, James (Detective RJC)
Allen, Kym (Seattle Center)
Alliance for Democracy
Alvarez, Aida (Administrator, SBA)
Alvine, Michael
America Online (AOL)
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
American Cultural Exchange (ACE)
American Electronics Association
American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)
American Lands Alliance (NGO)
American Medical Response
Amnesty International
Amontree, Tom (USDA)
Amtrak Anderson, Bill (FBI)
Anderson, Dave (Washington State Representative)
Anderson, Garry (Chief, Renton Police Department)
Anderson, Kathy
Anderson, Mike (Pike Place Market Security Director)
Anderson, Mike (Tukwila Police Lt.)
Anderson, Terry (Mayor of Sea Tac)
Anderson, Valarie
Anderson, Virginia (Seattle Center Director)
Andresen, Darci (Ralph Nader's Public Citizen)
Andrus, Joel
Animal Liberation Front (ALF)
Animal Rights Annan, Kofi (Secretary General of the United Nations)
Anschutz, Jim (Risk Manager)
Anthony, M.
APCO Associates In.
Archdiocese of Seattle, Hispanic Affairs Office
Archer, William (Clyde Hill Police Department)
Armor Holdings
Arreola, Philip (Chief, Tacoma Police Department)
Art and Revolution
Arts Commission, City of Seattle
Aryan Nations
Ashley, Dale
Asian Pacific Environmental Exchange (NGO)
Asmundson, Mark (Mayor of Bellingham)
Assistant Attorney General
Associated Press
Aston, Stan (Chief, Pacific Police Department)
Athens Office (FBI) Atlas Ari, Inc.
Atwood, Nancy (SHO)
Ault, Chuck (Ramada Inn)
Ayco, Joe

Bachler, Scott
Bailey, Patty (FBI)
Baird, Brian (US Representative)
Baker, C.
Baker, John (Budget Office, King County)
Baker, V.
Balaski, Shauna Lin
Ballasiotes, Ida (Washington State Representative)
Bank & Office Interior
Bank of America
Bansomer, Ron
Baranzini, Richard / Dick (Captain, King County Sheriff's Office)
Bard, Burton E., Jr.
Barge, Tony (Chief, Oak Harbor Police Department)
Barnes, Bennie
Barnes, Bob
Barr, Tom
Barshefsky, Charlene (U.S. Trade Representative)
Bart, Rick (Snohomish County Sheriff)
Bassett, Christopher
Bates, R. Craig (HMRU)
Baughman, Bruce (FEMA)
Baum, Geraldine (Los Angeles Times)
Bautista, Elaine
Bazan, Maria G. Esther (Archdiocese of Seattle, Hispanic Affairs Office)
Beall, Jack (US Public Health Service)
Beard, Jackson (King County Sheriff's Office, Chief of Detectives)
Beard, John
Becker, Daniel (Mayor of Medina)
Becker, George (AFL-CIO)
Belatti, John (Seattle Prosecutor's Office)
Belcher, Glenda
Belfadil, Diane (Westin Credit Manager)
Bell Harbor/Program Space
Bell, Bill (Seattle Chamber of Commerce, SHO Chair)
Bell, R.
Belland, Lee (ESD)
Bellows, Janaea (Homeless Youth Perspective)
Below, Sue
Belshay, Richard L. (Seattle Police Lieutenant) / Dick
Benetti, Cheryl (Mayor's Office)
Benjamin, Karen (Department of State)
Benner, Bill
Bennett, Alan
Benton, Melissa
Benzschawel, Kim (Seattle Police Det.)
Beres, Vicki
Berg, Emily (Seattle Central Community College student)
Berger, Sandy (National Security Affairs)
Berglund, Bob (Seattle Police)
Berkley (students)
Berlin Office (FBI)
Bern Office (FBI)
Bernard, Elaine (Harvard Trade Union Program)
Bernstein, Al (Seattle Police Sgt.)
Berry, Carol
Best, Carmen
Best, Jean
Bhang, Hazel (HSD)
Bianchi, Dominic (USTR)
Bianchi, Rachel (Metro KC)
Billingslea, Everett (Governor's Office)
Binetti, Cheryl (Mayor's Office)
Birkland, Ila
Birnel, John A.
Birt, Jerald (Seattle Fire)
Bishop, Bob (US Public Health Service)
Black, Landy (Police Department, City of Seattle Lt.)
Black, Meeghan (KIRO TV reporter)
Blackfeet Tribe
Black Radical Congress
Blacks in Government, Southeast Chapter
Blair, Tony (British Prime Minister)
Blake, J. Paul (SPU)
Block, Kitty (HHUS)
Blumenthal Uniform
Blumenthal, Mitch
Body Shop
Boeing Museum of Flight
Bogucki, Kim (Seattle Police Off.)
Boldizsar, Shannon (Seattle OIR)
Bomb Management Center (BMC)
Bomb Squad, Seattle Police Department
Bonner, Fred (Seattle Municipal Court Judge)
Booker, Bruce (Captain, King County Sheriff's Office Special Operations)
Boon, Jim (Metro)
Booth, Charles (Mayor of Auburn)
Botkin, Tim (Commissioner, Kitsap County)
Bottari, Mary (Public Citizen)
Bounds, Ken (Seattle Parks)
Bowers, Andrea (EOC)
Bowman, Megan
Braddock, Mary (DCLU)
Breckel, Toni W. (Chief, Centralia Police Department)
Brede (US Government consultant)
Bridge, Bobbe (Presiding Judge, King County Superior Court)
Briggs, Preston
Brink, Harry (Washington State Patrol)
Bristo, Paul (GLBT)
Broadway BIA
Brooks, Ann
Brooks, Fabienne (King County Sheriff's Office)
Brooks, Fae (Captain, King County Sheriff's Office)
Brooks, Michael (SPU)
Brown, Doreen (President, Consumers for World Trade)
Brown, Edwin (Deputy, King County Sheriff's Department)
Brown, Etta (Blacks in Government, Southeast Chapter)
Brown, Larry
Brown, LaTonya
Brown, Laurie (Mayor's Office, City of Seattle)
Brown, Sherrod (United States Representative, Ohio)
Brown, Steve (Seattle Police)
Brown, Steven
Browner, Carol (Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency)
Broz, Stephen (Budget Office, King County) / Steve
Brunnell, Don (Association of WA Businesses)
Brussels office (FBI) Bryan, Robert (US District Court Judge)
Bryant, Bill (Bryant Christie, Inc., SHO Chair)
Bryant, Dan (Seattle Police)
Bryant, Robert M.
Bumpus, Jeanne
Bundy, Kristofer (Sr. King County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney)
Bunn, Charles (Department of State Grant Officer)
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF)
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, US Department of State
Burkheimer, Michelle (SHO)
Burrage, Amy
Burrouhgs, Roberta (FBI)
Burton, Dick
Burton, Don
Burton-Barnett, Francky (Seattle Police)
Burtt, Tony (King County Sheriff's Department, Capt.)
Buskin, Jean
Byers, Tom (Mayor's Office)
Byrd, Kristin (NOAA)

Cabasco, Lydia (Seattle Central Community College Student)
Caffee-Rowe, Helen (Seattle Police Off.)
Cairns Group (NGO)
Caldwell, Cynthia / Cindy (Captain, Seattle Police)
California State Department of Justice
California State University Alliance for a Sustainable Environment
Camillo, Mark (Secret Service)
Camou, Judy (Seattle Center)
Campbell, Jackie (ESD)
Campbell, L.
Campeas, Alberto (WTO)
Canadian Union
Cannon, Linda (OIR)
Capelouto, Sam
Capitol Hill Community Council
Caplan, Aaron (staff attorney, ACLU of Washington)
Caputo, Kent
Carbonaro, Karen (City Light)
Carden, Bob (Marysville Police Department)
Carey, Doug (Seattle City Budget Office)
Carkonen, Rosalie
Carlson, Ed (KIRO Radio)
Carlson, M. Frances (Sergeant, King County Sheriff's Office Special Operations)
Carlson, Robert (FBI)
Carner, Myrle
Carpenter, Reese (US Testing Equipment)
Carrock, Jon (San Francisco Chronicle)
Carroll, Terrance (Superior Court Judge)
Carter, Mike (Seattle Times)
Cary, Judith L. (City of SeaTac City Clerk)
Cascadia Mayors Council
Casey, Kathleen (Sierra Club)
Casteel, Steven W. (DEA)
Castleman, Kristine (Seattle Arts Commission)
Castro, Fidel (President of Cuba)
Caterpillar, Inc.
Cayce, James D. (Presiding Judge KC District Court)
Ceccherelli, Wendy (Seattle Arts Commission)
Center for Disease Control (CDC)
Center of Concern
Central Area Motivation Program
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Chabert, Jaques (WTO)
Chakoian, Marty (DoIT)
Chapin, Sue
Chemical Agents Team
Chen, Hans (APB)
Chen, Sherri R.
Chicago Joint Terrorism Task Force
Chicago Tribune
Choe, Martha (Seattle City Councilmember)
Chopp, Frank ( Washington State Representative)
Chotard, Yvon (Deputy Mayor, Nantes, France)
Chow, Cheryl (Seattle City Councilmember)
Christian Coalition
Christison, John
Christopher Commission
Chromey, Jim (Lieutenant, SWAT Commander)
Chromey, Jim (Washington State Patrol)
Church Council
Citizens Service Bureau, City of Seattle
Citizens Trade Coalition
City Attorney's Office, Seattle
City Center
City Communications Team, City of Seattle
City Council, City of SeaTac
City Council, City of Seattle
City Light
City of Bellevue
City of Seattle
City of Tukwila
Civil Response Team, King County Sheriff's Office (CRT)
Clark, Robin
Clarke, Richard (NSC)
Clarkson, Larry (SHO Chair)
Clavadetscher, David (Seattle Police Department)
Cline, Denna (Mayor's Office)
Clinton, Bill (United States President)
Coalition for Trade with the Americas
Coalition of Chambers for Asian Pacific Trade
Cobb, Jim (Secret Service)
Coddington, Jack (Seattle Police)
Cody, Eileen (Washington State Representaive)
Cody, Richard (DOD)
Coldwell, Cindy
Collins, Carole
Colmant, Mike (Boeing)
Columbia Resource Group (CRG)
Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES)
Community Action Network
Community Capital, Inc.
Community Transit
Compton, Jim (Seattle City Councilmember)
Conder, Ken (Seattle Police Lt.)
Condit, Phil (Boeing)
Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU)
Conlin, Richard (Seattle City Councilmember)
Consul General of India
Consular Association of Washington
Consular Corps
Consumers Council (NGO)
Contemporary Security Corporation
Convention and Visitor's Bureau
Conwall, Catherine (Budget Office)
Cook, Rhonda (WCIT)
Cooper, Bill (Bainbridge Island Police Chief)
Cooper, Gary
Copeland, Ronald D. (Seattle Police, Retired)
Copenhagen Office (FBI)
Cordner, Lesley (Seattle Police Sergeant, Investigations Bureau)
Cordova, Damian
Coriano, Lynn (Urban Enterprises Center)
Cornwall, Catherine (Budget Office, King County)
Corporate Trade Watch
Corso, Mary (State Fire Marshall)
Council of Canadiennes
Council of European Chambers of Commerce
Council on Environmental Quality Chair
Counterterrorism and Threat Assessment and Warning Unit (CTAWU), National Security Division (FBI)
Couto, Michael S.
Cox, Steve (Deputy, Pct 4)
Craig, Alyssa
Craig, Jerome (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Crawford, Ed (Chief, Kent Police Department)
Crawford, Jim (Strategic Planning Office)
Creighton, Mike (Mayor of Bellevue)
Criminal Investigative International Relations Branch Office (FBI)
Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS)
Critical Mass
Crook, Clive
Crooker, Dennis
Crowley, Susan
Crown Hill United Methodist Church
Crozier, Steve
Culbert, Jay
Cummings, Carol (King County Sheriff's Office)
Cunningham, Bob (City Light)
Curry, Clifton
Curtin, Connie (Seattle Police)

D'Alessandro, Michele (Seattle Public Library)
Dabon, Jean-Pierre (WTO)
Dale, Suzanne
Daley, William (US Secretary of Commerce)
Dauber, Lance (Deputy, Staff Instructor, Seattle-King County Regional Academy)
Daudon, Maud (Seattle Deputy Mayor)
Daughters, J.
Davidson, Allen L.
Davis, Mike (Kitsap County A/Sheriff)
Davis, Pat (Port of Seattle Commissioner, President WCIT)
Davis, Reed M. (Chairman, King County Republican Party)
Dawkins, Kris (IATP)
Dawson, Gary
De Mello, Judy (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Deal, Michael (Mayor of Puyallup)
Dean, Gregory (Fire Marshal)
Dear, Joe
Deboo, Shireen (Pike-Pine Urban Neighborhood Coalition)
Decker, John (King County Sheriff's Office)
DeCourcy, David (FEMA)
Dees, Morris (Southern Poverty Law Center)
DeFazio, Patti
Defense Technology Corp. of America
Deir, Richard (FEMA)
Del, Guari (Earth Justice Ministries)
Delgado, Sharon (Earth Justice Ministries reverend)
Delloitte & Touche
Demetrescu, Jeff (Japan-America Society, SHO Chair)
Deminsky, Maryann
Democracy for Cambodia
Democratic Leadership Council
Denver Rocky Mountain News
Department Directors
Department of Adult Detention (DAD)
Department of Agriculture
Department of Construction and Land Use, City of Seattle (DCLU)
Department of Corrections
Department of Defense, United States (DOD)
Department of Health and Human Services, United States
Department of Information Technology, City of Seattle (DoIT)
Department of Parks and Recreation, City of Seattle
Department of State, United States
Department of the Treasury, US
Department of Transportation
Department of Youth Services, King County (DYS)
Derdowski, Brian (King County Councilmember)
Dernbach, Steven (Mayor of Oak Harbor)
Deveny, Jan (Director, Mercer Island Dept. of Public Safety)
Dickerson, Mary Lou (Washington State Representative)
Dickie, Lance (Seattle P-I)
Dickie, S. (King County Airport Police Cpl.)
Dickinson, B. (King County Sheriff's Office Major)
Dickinson, Bill (Chief, Burien Police Services)
Dickinson, Major (King County Sheriff's Office)
Dicks, Norm (US House of Representatives)
Dickson, Bob (Seattle Police)
Dieffenderfer, John (State Department, 1999 WTO Ministerial Conference Manager)
Diers, Jim (Seattle DON)
DiGregorio, Liz (FEMA)
Dinish, Yvette (Blacks in Government, Southeast Chapter)
Direct Action Network
Dively, Dwight (ESD)
Division of Emergency Management
Dolan, Mike (Citizen's Trade Campaign)
Donaldson, Sue (Seattle City Councilmember)
Donovan, Ann (Business owner)
Doran, Jeffrey (Chief, Poulsbo Police Department)
Doug Warner (Law Enforcement Equipment)
Douglas, Tim [WA State Community, Trade & Economic Development]
Douville, LaVonne (Seattle HS)
Dover, Kate (Legal Assistant, ACLU of Washington)
Downing, Annette
Downtown Seattle Association
Doxtater, David (The Workshop)
Doyle, Theresa (Seattle Municipal Court Judge)
Drago, Jan (Seattle City Councilmember)
Drain, Dale (Seattle Police Lieutenant)
Drazen, George (Washington State Patrol)
Drewel, Robert (Snohomish County Executive)
Drug Enforcement Agency, United States (DEA)
Duca, Diane
DuFresne, Paul (Chief, Bremerton Police Department)
Dunn, Jennifer (Washington State Representative)
Dunphy, Stephen H. (Seattle Times staff reporter)
Durham, Tom (FBI)
Dwoskin, Dorothy (Assistant US Trade Representative for the WTO and Multilateral Affairs)
Dyment, James (Seattle Police Det.)

Eades, J. (King County Airport Police Sgt.)
Earth First!
Earth Justice
East Precinct Commander
East Side Collective
Eastide Journal
Ebersole, Brian (Mayor of Tacoma)
Economic Justice Now
Edberg, Gordon (Mayor of Mercer Island)
Eder, Brian [General Manager, Hilton Seattle]
Edwards, William (Seattle Police Sgt.)
Egan, Mike (Microsoft)
Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional (EZLN)
El Centro de la Raza
Eldred, Dave
Elfin Cove Press
Eliason, Sam
Ellwanger, Kimberly (Microsoft)
Emergency Committee for American Trade (ECAT)
Emergency Operations Center, City of Seattle (EOC)
End Corporate Dominance Alliance
Endresen, Christene (Commissioner, Kitsap County)
Enerson, Jean (KING TV)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Ericks, Mark (Chief, Bothell Police Department)
Erickson, Larry (King County Sheriff's Office Sergeant, Special Operations)
Esser, Doug (AP)
Estey, Mike (Mayor's Office)
Ethiopian Institute for Sustainable Development
Eugene Peaceworks
Eugene Resident Agency
European Union
Evans, Kirsten (WTO ARC)
Evenson, Mark (Seattle Police Lieutenant)
Evenson, Michael
Executive Services Department
Exhibition Center
Expeditors International of Washington

Fabiani, Mark (Public Relations Consultant)
Fagerstom, Kevin
Fahey, Barbara (Mayor of Edmonds)
Falun Dafa
Falun Gong
Farr, Robert (Department of State)
Fast Signs
Faulk, Larry (SHO Chair)
Fawcett-Long, John (Western Sustainable Agriculture)
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Federal Express - Asia One
Federal Inspection Agency
Federal Protective Service, General Services Administration, United States
Feldman, Rich (King County Labor Council)
Felts, Pate (USTR)
Feminists Liberating Our World (FLOW)
Fenton, Major (King County Sheriff's Office)
Fenton, R. (King County Sheriff's Office Major)
Fenton, Robin (Chief, North Bend Police Department)
Ferguson, Harv (Seattle Police Department)
Ferrell, Tye
Fewel, Joe (Detective, Seattle Police Department)
Field Resource Center
Field, Alex (Mayor's Office)
Fields, Timothy (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Fimia, Maggi (King County)
Finkle, Michael (City Attorney's Office, City of Seattle)
Fire Department, City of Bellevue
Fire Department, City of Seattle
Fire Department, Tukwila
Fire Investigation Unit
Fire Marshall's Office
First and Goal (Paul Allen)
Fischer, Linda (Seattle Police)
Fisken, Alec (WTO ARC)
Fitzhugh, Lisa (Mayor's Office)
Fitzpatrick, Tamra (Seattle Times)
Fleetham, Frank (Department of Adult Detention)
Fogg, Steve (Seattle Prosecutor's Office)
Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)
Food Not Bombs Seattle
Ford Motor Company
Fosse, James (Seattle Fire)
Foster Pepper & Shefelman
Foster, Tom (Washington State Patrol)
Four Seasons Hotel
Fowler, Chris (Seattle Police Sergeant)
Foy, Sue (confidential secretary to Sheriff Dave Reichert)
Frampton, George (US Council on Environmental Quality)
Frank, Alan (WTO External Affairs)
Franklin, Greg (US Information Agency)
Frederick, Candis (DoIT)
Freeman / Freemen
Fremont Public Association
French, Mark (Pierce County Sheriff)
Friedman, Robert J. (FBI)
Friedman, Thomas (New York Times)
Friends of the Earth
Frisinger, Ava (Mayor of Issaquah)
From, Al (DLC President)
Fuda, J.P. (King County Sheriff's Department Sergeant)
Fujiwara, Theresa (Mayor's Office, City of Seattle)
Fyfe, James (Temple University professor))

Gablehouse, J. (Fire Department)
Garcia, Joe (ESD)
Gardiner, Bill (Washington State Patrol)
Gardner, Booth (SHO Chair)
Garrett, Dave (USSS)
Garrido, Charlotte (Commissioner, Kitsap County)
Garrison, Duaine (Chief, Issaquah Police Department)
Garten, Jeffrey (Yale School of Management)
Gates, Bill Jr. (Microsoft)
Gavin, Mara (USTR)
Gear, Bob (Mobilization Incident Commander)
General Motors
General Tool & Supply Co.
Gerdes, Fred (Seattle Chamber of Commerce)
Gerth, Bob (Deloitte & Touche, SHO Chair)
Geving, Anita (Seattle Public Health)
Gilmore, Susan (Seattle Times)
Giniger, Judy
Gintz, Ron (Mayor of Federal Way)
Girtch, John (Seattle Police Detective)
Glasser, Don (FBI)
Glassford, Bill (Seafirst / Bank of America, SHO Chair)
Gleason, Tag
Glenn, Dee
Glenn, Doe
Glenn, Sonia
Glickman, Dan (US Secretary of Agriculture)
Global Centers Forum
Global Exchange
Global Trade Watch
Godfried, Mike (People for Fair Trade)
Goetz, Michael (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Goff, Galen Motin (Parks Department)
Golden, Larry (Office Depot)
Goodman, John (United Steelworkers)
Goodman, Ralph (Seattle King County Convention & Visitors Bureau, SHO Chair)
Gordon, Meg (ESD)
Gordon, Shirley (BBC)
Gordon, Susan
Gordon-Hagerty, Lisa (National Security Council)
Gore, Al (United States Vice President)
Gorlick, Arthur C. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
Gorman, Bob (AFL-CIO)
Gorton, Slade (US Senate)
Gossett, Dave (Mayor of Mountlake Terrace)
Gossett, Larry (King County Councilmember)
Graber, Michael L. (King County Dept. of Adult Detention)
Graddon, Jim (King County Sheriff's Office)
Grant County Sheriff's Office
Green Party
Green, Pleas (Chief, Kirkland Police Department)
Green, Ray
Green, Ray (King County Sheriff's Office Sergeant)
Green, Sgt. (King County Sheriff's Office)
Greene, Jim (Washington State Patrol)
Griesbach, Nick (FBI)
Griffin, Malinda
Griffin, Ron (Captain, King County Sheriff's Office)
Grigsby, Daryl (SEATRAN)
Grimaldi, James V. (Seattle Times staff reporter)
Guertin, Kevin (Broadway BIA)
Guy, Richard P. (Chief Justice, Washington Supreme Court)

Hadley, Barbara (City of Seattle)
Hagen, Jim
Hagquist, Linda (FBI)
Hague, Jane (King County Councilmember)
Haines, Keith (Chief, Tukwila Police Department)
Hair, Jay D. [IUCN - World Conservation Union]
Hair, Leah Knapp [Environmental Diplomacy Institute]
Hairston, Wil (DCLU)
Hale, Brett (Senator Gorton's Office)
Hall, Janet (USTR)
Halle, Mark [International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development]
Halpert, Helen (Judge, Seattle Municipal Court)
Halpert, Judge
Hamilton, Andy (Federal Prosecutor)
Hamilton, Norie (FBI)
Hamilton, Steve (King County Chiefs)
Hancock Fabrics
Hansen, Edward (Mayor of Everett)
Hansen, Jeanne (City of Seattle)
Hansen, Larry (ILWU, Local 19)
Hansen, Randy (Seattle Fire Cpt.)
Hanson, Bruce
Harbor Patrol Unit, Seattle Police
Harborview Medical Center
Hardin, Craig (
Harris, Steven (Redmond Police Department)
Harris, Treva (ESD)
Harris, Wendy (Washington State Governor's Communications Office)
Harwood, Julie (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Hatley, Tim (Metro)
Hayer, Tara Singh
Hayes, Rita (U.S. Ambassador to the WTO)
Haynes, Dave (Captain, Tukwila Police Dept.)
Hazardous Materials Response Unit (HMRU) (FBI)
Hazzard, Barbara
Healy, Tom (Seattle Police Detective, SPOC)
Hearne, Tom (King County EMS)
Hedberg, Dana (Department of Information Technology)
Helm, Mark (Seattle P-I)
Henessy, Bob
Hentz, Ed
Hepburn, W. (Fire Department Battalion Chief)
Herivel, Tara (citizen)
Herman, Alexis (US Labor Secretary)
Hershey, J. (Police Lt.)
Hesla, Thor
Hickey, Rob (Teamster 174)
Hickock, Robin (Edmonds Police Department)
Hilmoe, Dave (SPU)
Hinkley, Mark (Seattle DCLU)
Hodge, Dan (Mayor of Mill Creek)
Hoffa Jr., Jimmy (International Brotherhood of Industrial Workers of the World (IWW))
Hogans, Mack (Weyerhaeuser, SHO Chair)
Holdeman, Eric
Holifield, George (King County District Court Judge)
Holland America Line / West Tours
Holland, Erik
Holley, Gerald (Seattle Police Off.)
Home Alive
Homestead Organizing Project
Horizon Airlines
Horton, Lynn (Mayor of Bremerton)
Host Media Committee (Seattle Host Organization)
House Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, State and Judiciary
Houston, Robert B. (Bob, FBI)
Howard, Mark (Seattle Police Crime Prevention Unit Coordinator)
Howard, Pat (Seattle Police)
Howard-Brook, Wes
Hubbard, Walt (Mayor's Office)
Hughes, Pamela (Risk Management)
Human Rights Watch
Human Service Department, City of Seattle (HSD / DHS)
Humane Society
Humphries, Frederick (Special Agent, FBI)
Hurlbut, Terry (Washington State Patrol)
Hutchinson, Dave (Mayor of Lake Forest Park)
Hutchison, Susan (KIRO 7)
Hybak, Richard (Dick, Seattle Police Lieutenant)
Hyenne, Francois

Ikeda, Akemi
Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
Independent Media Center
Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
Initial Response Force (IRF)
Inslee, Jay (US House of Representatives)
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Institute for Global Communication
Institute for Internationals Economics
Institute for Policy Studies
Intergovernmental WTO Workgroup
International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU)
International District BIA
International Forum on Globalization (IFG)
International Labor Organization
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
International NGO Committee on Human Rights in Trade and Investment (INCHRITI)
Interpol, New Delhi, India
Isaki, Paul (Office of the Governor)
Isenberg, Marcia
Ives, Rosemarie (Mayor of Redmond)

Jack, Stan (Chief, Milton Police Department)
Jacobs, Bob (Mayor of Olympia)
Jacobson, John (DoIT)
Jacoby, Daniel (Seattle Fire)
Jacoby, Ted (Seattle Police Lieutenant)
Jakobsen, Todd (Seattle Police Det.)
James, Donna (Seattle OED)
Jandoc, Steven (Seattle Police Off.)
Hartman, Janelle, Oregon Register Guard
Jannett, Randy (FBI)
Jarman, Amanda (SPC)
Jarvis, Norm (Secret Service)
Jasinowski, Jerry J.
Jelcick, Debra (Seattle Police Sergeant)
Jennings, Gregory (Greg, FBI)
Jensen, Steven (Chief, Lakewood Police Department)
Jepsen, Scott (Mayor of Shoreline)
Johanknecht, Mitzi (King County Sheriff's Office Captain)
Johns-Hunter, David
Johnson, Bryan (KOMO TV)
Johnson, Steve (Federal Relations, City of Seattle)
Joiner, Ed (Seattle Police)
Joint Interagency Intelligence Support Element (JIISE)
Joint Operations Center (JOC)
Joncas, Kate (Downtown Seattle Association)
Jones, David (Blacks in Government, Southeast Chapter)
Jones, Melvin (FEMA)
Jordan (British Activist)
Jordan, Bill (General Secretary, International Confederation of Free Trade Organizations)
Jorgensen, Kris
Judd, Ron (King County Labor Council / AFL-CIO)
Juhsasz, Antonia (American Lands)
Jung, Soya (WAIRJ)
Justad, Alan (Communications Team)

Kaake, Wayne (Mayor of Brier)
Kalish, David (Los Angeles Police Commissioner)
Kalmbach (WA State Patrol Lt.)
Kaplan, Sam (US Trade Alliance)
Karzai, Haider (State Department Foreign Press Center)
Kasnick, Patrick (Chief, Port of Seattle Police Department)
Kasprzak, Michael
Kastl, Sharon [Supervisor, Hancock Fabrics, 112 N 85th St]
Kaufman, Michael
KCPQ TV (13)
Kearns, Kevin (Emergency Management, King County)
Kebba, Michael T. (Seattle Police Lieutenant)
Keenan, Jeanne
Kellher, Shannon (Communications Team)
Kelsie, Emmett (Seattle Police Dept. Lt.)
Kepp, Jason (CCRC)
Kerrigan, David (Seattle ESD)
Khalsa International / International Sikh Youth
Khamkeo Winslow
Khmer Krom Community
Kieffer, Rick (Chief, Normandy Park Police Department)
Kilburg, Steven (Seattle Police Det.)
Kimball, Jennifer (Office of the Secretary of State, SHO Dignitaries and Protocol Committee)
Kimerer, Clark (Seattle Police Department)
King County
King County Animal Control
King County Council
King County Council Clerk
King County Department of Adult Detention
King County Department of Transportation
King County District Court
King County Executive, Office of the
King County Fire Chiefs Association (KCFCA)
King County International Airport (Boeing Field)
King County Jail
King County Labor Council
King County Law Enforcement Agencies
King County Metro Transit Police
King County Office of Prosecuting Attorney/Civil Division
King County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney
King County Office of Trade
King County Officials and Employees
King County Prosecutor's Office
King County Republican Party
King County Sheriff's Office (KCSO)
King County Superior Court
King County, Emergency Management Division
King, Debi (Commander - Madison WTO Venue, Lt.)
King, Doug (DoIT)
King, Skip (DCLU)
Kinlow, Benjamin (Communications Team)
Kinney, Francis (Chief, SeaTac Police Services)
Kinney, Francis (Major, King County Sheriff's Office)
Kinsman, Tom (DCLU)
Kirchner, Larry (Seattle Public Health)
KIRO Radio
Kitsap County
Klasky, Helaine (Office of the US Trade Representative)
Kleckner, Dean (American Farm Bureau)
Klei, John (Mill Creek Police Department)
Kline, Adam (Washington State Senate)
Klotz, Robert W. (Crowd control expert)
Knapp, Michael (Medina Police Department)
Knouss, Robert F. (Office of Emergency Preparedness / National Disaster Medical System)
Knox, Venerria (HSD)
Ko, Ada (Seattle ESD)
Koehler, Stephen K. (Chair, Downtown Seattle Association)
Kohl-Welles, Jeanne (Washington State Senator)
Kors, Casey
Kreiter, Kathy (CTED Acting director)
Krochalis, Rick (DCLU)
Krogh, Rich (King County Sheriff's Office)
Kronk (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Kronk, Deborah (Seattle Police Det.)
Kruller, Susan (Siue, Seattle Host Organization)
Kucinich, Dennis (Ohio State Representative)
Kuehn, Mark (Seattle Police Lieutenant)
Kuhn, Diane (United Way King County)
Kunzi-Clark, Therese (King County Office of Trade, Commerce and International Relations)

Labor Mobilization Committee (LMC)
Ladiser, Craig (DCLU)
LaFranchi, Michael (Department of State)
Lagen, Ronald (Secret Service, Seattle Office)
Laggner, Terry (SHO)
Laing, Sgt. (King County Sheriff's Office Special Operations)
Lambrecht, Bill (St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter)
Lamond, Nancy (WTO Task Force)
LaMunyon (Washington State Patrol)
Lamy, Pascal (European Union Trade Commissioner)
Lane, Rick (FEMA)
Langholz, Mary (Seattle Symphony)
Langley, Emily (KOMO TV)
Lanham, Linda (Machinists Union)
Laos Communities of Washington
Larsen, Barbara (Secret Service)
Larson, Mark (Seattle Prosecutor's Office, Chief Deputy, Criminal Division)
Lasko, K.
Latrell, Warren (WTO Task Force)
Lauer, Ray (FBI)
Law Department, City of Seattle
Law Enforcement Equipment
Lawrence, Richard (The Journal of Commerce)
Lawson, Joan (Capitol Hill Chamber)
LeaMond, Nancy (USTR Chief of Staff)
Lee, Bob (Police Department, Auburn)
Lee, Cora
Lee, Linda (SHO)
Lee, Sharon (Low Income Housing Institute)
Lee, Thea (Assistant Director for International Economics, Public Policy Department, AFL-CIO)
Lee,Thea (Assistant Director for International Economics, Public Policy Department, AFL-CIO)
Legan, Ronald (Secret Service)
Legen, Ron (National Security Council)
Leitzell, Terry (Vice President, Legal and Government Affairs, Victor Seafoods)
Lelyveld, Nita
Leppich, Tom (King County Sheriff's Office, Special Operations)
Leslie, Gregg P. (Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press)
Levin, Sara (Seattle City Council Staff - Sue Donaldson)
Levy, Lolo
Lewis, Argelis (Archdiocese of Seattle-Hispanic Affairs Office director)
Li, Fuong (Seattle P-I reporter)
Liberation Collective
Licata, Nick (Seattle City Councilmember)
Lilly, Dick
Littrel, Warren (Department of State)
Lizza, Ryan (New Republic)
Locke, Gary (Washington State Governor)
Locke, Mona Lee
Lockhard, Rick
Loeb, Suzanne
London Office (FBI)
Long, George
Lord, Bill (KIRO 7)
Lorentz, Don (Port of Seattle, SHO Chair)
Lorette, Allan (Al, Seattle Police Lieutenant)
Lorette, Lt. (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Lorimer, Stu (DCLU)
Los Angeles Police Department
Los Angeles Times
Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI)
Low, Neil (Seattle Police Lt.)
Lowenberg, Timothy J. (Military Department, State of Washington)
Lower Queen Anne
Lui, Wah
Lund, Erika
Luthens, Sarah (SPC)
Lyons, Dr. Richard (PHS Regional Health Administrator)

Mackin, James (Secret Service)
Madeira, Geraldine (Communications Team)
Madrid Office (FBI)
Maehren, Dave (King County Sherrif's Office)
Mak, Robert (KING TV reporter)
Maldon Institute, The
Maleng, Norm (King County Prosecuting Attorney)
Malliet, Capt. (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Mallon, Melissa (FBI)
Mamiya, Ron (King County District Court Judge)
Mandela, Nelson
Mandigo, Charles E. (FBI)
Mannix, Margaret M. (Secret Service)
Mansfield, John (Chief, Lacey Police Department)
Marilley, Jill (Strategic Planning Office, Seattle)
Marine Unit, King County Sheriff's Office
Marine, Joe (Mayor of Mukilteo)
Marks, Andrews (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Marshall, William J. (Commander, Admiral, Navy Region Northwest)
Marten, Steve (SPD)
Mass, Doug (Chief, Vancouver Police Department)
Matsuno, Rod
Mattoon, Rick (Executive Policy Assistant)
Mayberry, B.
Mayer, Lesa
Mayes, Larry (King County Sheriff's Office)
Mayfield, Emory (USTR)
Mayor's Office (Seattle)
McAdams (City of SeaTac City Attorney)
McCammon, Pam (Communications Team, SPD Spokesperson)
McCarty, Jim (FPS)
McCormick, Richard (University of Washington President)
McCracken, Jon (Finance Director, King County Sheriff's Office)
McCulley, Steve (Washington State Patrol)
McCulloch, Heather (Boeing)
McDermott, Jim (US House of Representatives)
McDermott, Mark
McDonagh, P. (Seattle Police Sergeant)
McGiver, Tim (Foreign Policy in Focus)
McIntyre, Susan (Metro)
McIver, Richard (Seattle City Councilmember)
McKenna, Christina (KIRO 7)
McKenna, Elizabeth (IACP)
McKenna, Rob (King County Councilmember)
McMahon, Jim (No to WTO/Peoples Assembly)
McNeal, Laurie (SHO Director of Finance)
McNeill, Jim (management and design)
McOmber, J. Martin (Marty, Seattle Times Reporter)
McQuie, Hillary (DAN)
McRae, Vern (Seattle Police Property Management)
Media Island (NGO)
MedTech Resources
Meenan, James R.
Meisenheimer, Joe
Meld, Murray [7th Congressional District]
Melendez, Rosa M. (United States Marshal, Western Washington
Melvin, Marci (ESCA)
Menotti, Victor (IFG)
Mercer, David (NATO & SHO fundraiser)
Merkel, Marian (Seattle Police)
Merryman, Glenn (Duvall Police Department)
Metcalf, Jack (US Representative)
Metcalf, Laurie (Seattle Host Organization)
Metro / King County
Metro Transit
Metropolitan Medical Strike Team (MMST)
Metropolitan Section Commander
Metz, Nick (Captain, Seattle Police Department)
Mewbrey, Rick (Seattle Fire Lt.)
Mexico Solidarity Network
Michael, Gary (Olympia Police Department)
Military Department, State of Washington
Miller, Bob (Seattle Police Dept. Fleet Control)
Miller, Karim
Miller, Lane
Miller, Louise (King County Executive Councilmember)
Miller, Scott (U. S. Alliance for Trade Expansion, USTrade, US-Trade)
Milliken, Roger (conservative financier)
Ministero dell'Interno, Roma, Italia
Minor, Gary (Chief, Brier Police Department)
Mitchell, Denise (AFL-CIO Spokeswoman)
Mitchusson, Richard (Mayor of Poulsbo)
Mobilization Against Corporate Globalization
Mochizuki, Ron (Seattle Police Captain)
Moffat, William (Bill, Seattle Police Lieutenant)
Moffatt, Nancy (Seattle Police)
Monson, Clay T. (Seattle Police Sergeant)
Monson, Dore (KIRO Radio)
Montgomery, Jim (Chief, Bellevue Police Department)
Monzi, Steve (SPU)
Moon, John (Office of Economic Development)
Moore, Gary (OEP)
Moore, M.R. (Capt., US Coast Guard)
Moore, Michael (WTO Director General)
Moores, Melanie (State DOT)
Morris, Carolyn G.
Morris, Steve (President Seattle-King County Visitors and Convention Bureau)
Moss, Monty (Seattle Police)
Muhly, Robert (Philadelphia Police Department)
Mullen, Jim (Seattle Police)
Mullen, Michael (National Center for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation [APEC], SHO Chair)
Multi-Agency Command Center (MACC)
Mulvanney, Mark (Seattle Police)
Munday, Capt. Judy
Municipal Court, City of Seattle
Munro, Ralph (Washington State Secretary of State, SHO Chair)
Murakami, Kery (Seattle P-I reporter)
Murphy, Mike (Chief, Mukilteo Police Department)
Murray, C.J. (Seattle Prosecutor's Office)
Murray, Ed (Washington State Representative)
Murray, Patty (US Senate)
Muse, Michaele (Mayor of Kirkland)
Museum of Flight

Nader, Ralph (Public Citizen)
Nader, Ralph (Citizen Action)
Nafziger, Rich (Executive Policy Assistant)
Nakanishi, Fay (Seattle Police Fiscal, Property & Management Division)
Nank, Michael
Naraopa University of Colorado
Narcotics Unit, Seattle Police Department
Naropa University in Colorado
National Alliance of People's Movements
National Association of Counties (NACO)
National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)
National Center for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
National Governors' Association
National Guard
National Journal
National Lawyers Guild
National Security Council (NSC)
National Security Division (FBI)
Nault, Marilyn
Navarrette, Marc (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Nave, Maggie (Seattle Prosecutor's Office)
Ndungane, Winston (Archbishop)
Nellermoe, Patricia (Law Department)
Nelson, Craig (King County Jail)
Nelson, Marsha (City Attorney)
Nelson, Mike
Neman, Chris (WTO ARC)
Nesel, D. J. (Acting Chief, Carnation Police Department)
New Republic
New York Police Department
New York Times
Newby, Don (Mayor of Burien)
Newcomb, Mary R.
Newman, Diane
Nicastro, Judy (Seattle City Councilmember)
Nickels, Greg (King County Councilmember)
Ninomiya, Rick (Seattle Police Det.)
No to WTO/People's Assembly
Nolan, Steve
Nonviolent Action Committee of Cascadia
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
North Seattle Community College
Northshore Citizen (Newspaper)
Northwest Airlines
Northwest Cable News
Northwest Horticultural Council
Northwest Labor and Employment Law Office
Norton, R.S. (Chief, King County Sheriff's Office)
Norton, Rebecca (Chief, King County Sheriff's Office)
Nuernberger, Bob (State Department, Diplomatic Security Service)
Nunes, Shirley (Pierce Co. Sheriff's Department)
NW Cable News

O'Brien, Vincent (AFL-CIO)
Obermiller, Don (Des Moines Police Department)
Oberndorf, Meyera E. (Mayor of Virginia Beach)
Office of Civil Rights
Office of Economic Development, Seattle (OED)
Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP)
Office of Intergovernmental Relations, Seattle
Office of International Conferences, Department of State, United States
Office of International Government Affairs
Office of Public and Congressional Affairs, National Press Office (FBI)
Office of the Governor, State of Washington
Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR)
Ohlenkamp, Steve
O'Leary, Eugene J. III
Oliphint, Mark (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Oliver, Capt. (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Olson, Gary (Chief, King County Airport Police)
Olson, Joyce (Community Transit)
One Northwest (NGO)
Open 2001
Opera House
Operskalski, Joe (Secret Service)
Orange, Tony (African Chamber of Commerce)
Oregon Fair Trade Campaign
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
Orton, Keith (City of Seattle International Specialist, OIR)
Osaki, Paul
Osborne, Rhonda (Seattle Police Off.)
Ousley, Nancy (Stragic Planning Office, Seattle)
Ovens, Thomas
Overton, Bruce (USTR)
Oxford Analytical

Paccar, Inc.
Pacific Place
Pageler, Margaret (Seattle City Councilmember)
Pagen, Dave (Seattle Fire Lt.)
Painter, Alan (Seattle Human Services)
Palinkas, Paul (IWW)
Palmer, Huckleberry
Paramount Theatre
Paris Office(FBI)
Parks, Ed (SeaTac Airport, SHO Chair)
Parks, Mariana (Microsoft, SHO Chair)
Parrish, Geov (Weekly)
Parsons, Eric
Pasenelli, Burdena (FBI)
Paskin, Laura (Communications Team)
Patrick, Mike (WACOPS Executive Director)
Paul Palinkas (IWW)
Paulsen, Steve (Seattle Police Lieutenant)
Paulson, Michael (P-I reporter)
Pawlowski, Syd (Metro)
Paxton, Kathy (Seattle-King County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
Pelz, Dwight (King County Councilmember)
Pelzer, Vicky (Chief, University of Washington Police Department)
Pendrak, Michael (Captain, King County Sheriff's Office)
Pentony, Denise (King County Sheriff's Office Special Operations)
Pentony, Denise (Major, King County Sheriff's Office, Special Operations)
People for Fair Trade / No to WTO
People's Decade of Human Rights Education (PDHRE)
People's Global Action
People's Revolutionary Action Group
Peoples Assembly
Pepple, Randy
Permanent Mission of the United States to the World Trade Organization
Perrill, W.A. (Federal Detention Center - SeaTac Director)
Persak, John (Labor Mobilization Committee)
Peters, Bob (Police Lt.)
Petersen, Greg (Budget Office, City of Seattle)
Peterson, Craig (King County Prosecutor)
Peterson, Craig (Seattle Prosecutor's Office)
Peterson, Kathy
Peterson, Nancy (Mayor of Lacey)
Pewitt, J.K. (King County Sheriff's Office, Special Operations)
Peyer, Lisa (ESD)
Peyser, Peter
Pflaumer, Katrina (United States Attorney, Western District of Washington)
Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia Police Department
Phillips, Kirk (ESD)
Phillips, Larry (King County Councilmember)
Phillips, Vivian (Communications Director, Seattle Mayor's Office)
Physical Security Specialist, General Services Administration, Eugene, OR
Pickett, Clark (Pike/Pine Planning Committee)
Pier 66
Pierce County
Pierce County Sheriff's Office
Pierce Transit
Pierce, Capt. (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Pierce, Don (Chief, Bellingham Police Department)
Pierce, Linda (Communications Team)
Pike Market PDA
Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market BIA
Pioneer Square
Pioneer Square BIA
Pippin, Judith (Seattle City Clerk)
Pirak, John (Seattle Police)
Pitts, Michael (NATO Summit, Atlanta Olympics, SHO)
Pjerrou, Mary (Redwood Coast Watersheds Alliance)
Planned Parenthood
Plough, Alonzo (Seattle King County Health Department)
Pocatello Information Technology Center (ITC) (FBI)
Plummer, Susie (Westlake Center)
Podesta, John (Chief of Staff to the President)
Podlodowski, Tina (Seattle City Councilmember)
Police Department, Auburn
Police Department, Bainbridge Island
Police Department, Bellevue
Police Department, Bonney Lake
Police Department, Bothell
Police Department, Everett
Police Department, Kent
Police Department, King County Airport
Police Department, Kirkland
Police Department, Lake Forest Park
Police Department, Mercer Island
Police Department, Mukilteo
Police Department, Olympia
Police Department, Port of Seattle
Police Department, Redmond
Police Department, Renton
Police Department, SeaTac
Police Department, Seattle
Police Department, Tacoma
Police Department, Tukwila
Police Department, University of Washington (UWPD)
Political/Economic Organization Representatives
Pollard, Royce (Mayor of Vancouver)
Poort, Leo (Seattle Police)
Port of Seattle
Porter, Essex (KIRO TV reporter)
Porter, R.A. (Tony)
Porter, Steve (CIEL)
Portland State University
Poschman, Carl (Chief, Algona Police Department)
Postman, David (Seattle Times)
Potter, Dewey (Parks Department)
Pratt, Guy
Prentice, Margarita (Washington State Senator)
Preston Gates & Ellis
Preston, David Tang (Gates & Ellis, SHO Legal Counsel)
Price, Mike
Pringle, Robert (Seattle Fire)
Procter & Gamble
Progress Project
Project Underground
Public Citizen (NGO)
Public Citizens Global Trade Watch
Public Health Service, United States
Public Safety Committee (WTO)
Public Safety Executive Committee
Public Safety Team, City of Seattle
Pugel, James (Captain, Seattle Police Department) / Jim
Puget Sound Business Journal
Puget Sound Counterterrorism Working Group (PSCTWG)
Puget Sound Community Colleges
Pullen, Kent (King County Councilmember)
Purdy, David (Chief, Auburn Police Department)
Putnam, Sue (DCLU)

Quenzer, Tim (Washington State Patrol Capt.)

Radabaugh, Charlie (FBI)
Radio Shop (City of Seattle)
Rahr, Susan (Chief, Shoreline Police Department)
Rahr, Susan (Major, King County Sheriff's Office)
Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
Rainier Square
Ramires, Lisa (Friends of the Earth)
Ramos, Michael (Washington Association of Churches)
Ramsey, Bruce (Seattle Post Intelligencer)
Ramsey, Roger (Seattle Fire)
Rankin, Liz (SEATRAN)
Rants, John (Mayor of Tukwila)
Reader, Lockheed (Puyallup Police Department)
Reclaim the Streets
Red Cross
Redemann, David (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Redmond, Ron (P-I reporter)
Redwood Coast Watersheds Alliance
Reed, Dick (Seattle Police Lt.)
Reed, John (Captain, King County Sheriff's Office, Special Operations)
Reese Carpenter
Regional Justice Center
Reichert, Dave (King County Sheriff)
Reid, Scott
Reifman, Jeff
Renaissance Madison Hotel of Seattle
Reno, Janet (US Attorney General)
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Resource Management Center (RMC)
Reuters News Service
Reynolds, Melanie (Seattle DON)
Rhamstine, John (Seattle Center)
Rhodes, Ken
Rice, Constance (CWR, Inc., SHO Chair)
Rice, Norman (Seattle Mayor)
Richardson, Larry (Tukwila Police)
Ricupero, Rubens (UNCTAD)
Riddle, Mark (United Steelworkers of America)
Rider, Dave (EOC Logistics)
Rieg, SharenLee
Rietschel, Jean (King County Superior Court Judge)
Riley, Alan [1st Congressional District]
Ring, Dan (King County Sheriff's Office)
Ripley, Steve (Communications Team)
RiseUp! Productions
Ritter, James (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Robbins, Tom
Roberson, Vic (Seattle Public Utilities)
Roberts, Kathryn (Mayor of Lynnwood)
Robertson, Cathleen
Rockwell, Keith (Director, Information and Media Relations Division, WTO)
Roger, Hieb
Rogers, Harold (Chairman, House Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, State and Judiciary)
Rogers, John (Chief, Lake Forest Park Police Department)
Rome Office (FBI)
Romero, Ben (US Coast Guard)
Rosenblum, Jonathan
Ross, John C. (ATF)
Ross, Lisa (Seattle Police Director of Public Affairs)
Ross Street Temple
Ross, Suzanne (Seattle Police Det. )
Rounds, Mike (Metro)
Rountree, Tom (King County Sheriff's Office)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
Royer, Bob (City Light)
Royer, Charles (former Seattle Mayor)
Ruckelshaus, William Doyle
Ruckus Society
Rushford Report
Rushing, Byron (Massachusetts State Representative`)
Rusk, Clem (Captain, King County Sheriff's Office)
Ruttkay, Tom (SHO Transportation Committee)
Ryan, Mary Jean (Office of Economic Development)

S. Martinelli & Company
Sabatier, Patrick (La Liberation, France)
Sackman, Greg (Officer)
Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral
Salazar, Joseph (FBI)
Salt Lake City Police Department
Salvation Army
Sampson, Deb (ALNW)
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco State University
Sandberg, Annette (Washington State Patrol Chief)
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg
Sandra Cohen (Law Department)
Sanford, Lt. M.
Santo Domingo, Gina (Mayor's Office)
Santos, Bob (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development)
Santos, Sharon Tomiko (Washington State Representative)
Sara Lee Foundation
Sarmiento, Sergio
Saturay, Aze
Scharf, Jim (Chief, Everett Police Department)
Schell, Pam
Schell, Paul (Seattle Mayor)
Schierman, Lynne (The Cop Shop)
Schmidt, Greg (Police Lt.)
Schneider, William
Schodolski, Vincint J. (Tribune reporter)
Schoenburg, Victoria (Mayor's Office)
Schoeppach, Mike (ESD)
Schorr, David (Director, Sustainable Commerce Program, World Wildlife Fund)
Schubert-Knapp, Katherine (City of Seattle [public information])
Schulman, Ken (SCSM Commissioner)
Schultz, Rich (Seattle Fire)
Schutt, Sara (ESD)
Schweitzer, Richard (Dick, Seattle Police Lieutenant)
Scott, Jim
Scott, Steve (US Public Health Service)
Scrimger, Kay
Sea-Tac Airport
Seafirst Bank
SeaTran, City of Seattle
Seattle Advent Christian Churches
Seattle Center
Seattle Central Community College
Seattle Chamber of Commerce
Seattle Community Development Roundtable
Seattle Cuba Friendship Committee
Seattle Displacement Coalition
Seattle Host Organization (SHO)
Seattle Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
Seattle Insider
Seattle Jail
Seattle King County Department of Public Health
Seattle Marshal's Office
Seattle Office (FBI)
Seattle Police Department Crime Analysis Unit
Seattle Police Guild
Seattle Police Operations Center (SPOC)
Seattle Police Quartermaster
Seattle Police Reserve Officers (SPRO)
Seattle Police World Trade Planning Unit
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Seattle Progressive Coalition
Seattle Public Library
Seattle Public Schools
Seattle Public Utilities
Seattle Round Agricultural Committee (SRAC)
Seattle Sonics (SuperSonics)
Seattle Symphony
Seattle Times
Seattle Weekly
Seattle Women Act for Peace / Women Strike for Peace
Seattle/King County Coalition for the Homeless
Seavey, Robert (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Second Panthic Committee / Sikh Gurdwaras / Babbar
Secret Service, United States
Seligman, Dan (Sierra Club)
Sellers, John (Director of Ruckus Society)
Serra, Roger (University of Washington Police Department)
Sevilla, Christina (US Director of Intergovernmental Affairs)
Sewell, James (Seattle Fire Chief)
Shafer, Morton M.
Shand, Gary (Washington State Patrol)
Sharp, Donald (Seattle Fire Lt.)
Shea, Mike (SeaTran)
Shea, Tom (State Department Foreign Press Center)
Sheehan, Jerry (ACLU)
Sheehan, Sean (City of Seattle Attorney's Office)
Shelton, David (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Shen, Al
Sheraton Hotel
Sheriff's Office, King County
Shilling, Robert (Seattle Police Det.)
SHO Transportation
Shumway, Gary
Sidran, Mark (Seattle City Attorney)
Sieberson, Stephen (President, Consular Association of Washington)
Siegel, Robert [7th Congressional District]
Sierra Club
Sierra Youth Coalition of Canada
Simon, Arla (Seattle Police)
Simons, Calvin (Alliance for Democracy)
Simons, Elaine (Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets)
Simply Seattle
Sims, Cayan
Sims, Ron (King County Executive)
Sisley, LeRoy (Seattle Fire)
Sithi, Bouawat
Skelin, Nick (CEIA-USA)
Skinner, Michael (FBI)
Skolnick, Jerome H. (NYU law professor)
Skyway Luggage Company
Slater, Rodney (US Secretary of Transportation)
Slivka, Judd (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
Small Business Administration
Smith, Adam (US House of Representatives)
Smith, Adam (Washington State Representative)
Smith, George (Seattle Police)
Smith, Jared (Seattle Strategic Planning Office)
Snohomish County
Snohomish County Alert
Snohomish County Council
Snohomish County Economic Development Council
Somers, Scott
Sommer, Mark
Sommers, Helen (Washington State Representative)
Sommers, Wendy (Seattle Police)
Soriano, Sally (People for Fair Trade / NO to WTO)
Soto, Maria E.
Sound Transit Express
Sousa, David (FBI)
South Precinct Commander
South Puget Sound Regional Fire Mobilization Coordinator
Spearman, Michael (King County Superior Court Judge)
Special Events Unit, Federal Bureau of Investigation (SEU)
Special Events Management Unit (SEMU) (FBI)
Special Operations Section (King County Sheriff's Dept.)
Special Patrol Unit/SWAT
Sperling, Gene (Director National Economic Council)
Spieldoch, Alexandra (Center of Concern)
Sprinkle, Rick (Seattle Police)
Stafford, Bill (Trade Development Alliance, SHO Chair)
Stamper, Norm (Seattle Police Chief)
Steel, Pat
Steelworkers' Union
Stegmeier, R. (UW Police Department)
Steinbrueck, Peter (Seattle City Councilmember)
Stell, Patricia H. (Office of the Secretary, Labor Dept.)
Stemplinski, Kathleen (Department of State)
Stensland, Ted (King County Sheriff's Office)
Stephan, Jane (FBI)
Stewart, Cynthia (Boeing)
Stich, Maurine (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Stieben, Helen (Seattle Police Off.)
Stiner, C. (Seattle Police Department)
Stokes, Bruce
Stottlemyer, Jeff (US State Department)
Stranger, The
Strehle, Sheila (Seattle Fire Department)
Strensland, Ted (Administrative Sergeant, King County Sheriff's Office)
Sugiyama, Kathy (Communications Team)
Suiter, Lacy E. (FEMA)
Sullivan, Cynthia (King County Executive Councilmember)
Sullivan, Marty (Seattle Police)
Sutherland, Doug (Pierce County Executive)
Sutton, Dwight (Mayor of Bainbridge Island)
Swanson, Virginia (Seattle Parks)
Swedish Hospital
Sweeny, John (AFL-CIO)

Takami, David (Legislative Aide, City Council President Sue Donaldson's Office)
Tam, Jesse
Tam, Ted Choi
Tanaka, Paul (Deputy King County Executive)
Taniguchi, Harold
Taylor, David (Direct Action Network)
Taylor, Donald (Seattle Fire)
Taylor, Donna (Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security Grants Officer)
Taylor, Larry (Seattle HSD)
Taylor, Robert Vincent (Dean, St Mark's Cathedral)
Teamsters Union
The Bon
Thibaudeau, Pat (Washington State Senator)
Thomas, Jim (Community Capital)
Thomas, Liz (Director of Trade, Commerce, and International Affairs)
Thompson, Brad
Thompson, Shirley (City of SeaTac Mayor)
Thompson, Steve (Director, King County Jail)
Thompson, Wanda (Captain, Seattle Police Department)
Tibetan Rights Group
Tierney, John (United States Representative)
Timoney, John F. (Philadelphia Police Commissioner)
Time's Up
Tirpak, John (SPC)
Tittel, Carrie
Tobin, Betty (City Light)
Tokarzewski, Rich (King County, Emergency Management Division)
Tokuda, Kip (Washington State Representative)
Toliver, Paul (King County)
Tomchick, Maria
Tomorrow, Tom (political cartoonist)
Tonglao, Betty (Seattle Public Library)
Tooke, Lt. A.
Trade Development Alliance
Trade Development Board, Singapore
Traisman, Clifford (Seattle OIR)
Transnational Institute (TNI)
Tukey, Thurbon (Executive Services)
Tukwila Fire Department
Turner, Marybeth (SEATRAN)

U. S. Alliance for Trade Expansion (USTrade, US-Trade)
Umpleby, Dale (Police Department, City of Seattle)
UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
Unger (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Unger, Mary Ann (Seattle Police Detective)
United Nations
United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNESCO)
United Parcel Service (UPS)
United States Department of Justice
United States Conference of Mayors
United States Customs
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
United States District Court Western District of Washington at Tacoma
United States Embassy
United States Embassy, Addis Ababa
United States Embassy, Cairo
United States Embassy, London
United States Embassy, Paris
United States Embassy, Rome, Italy
United States of America
United Steelworkers of America
University of Washington
Urquhart, John (Deputy, King County Sheriff's Office)
US Attorney General
US Bank Corporation
US Coast Guard (USCG)
US Congress
US Customs
US Department of Justice
US Department of Labor
US Government
US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
US Immigration Service
US Information Agency (USIA)
US Marshals
US Public Health Service
US Testing Equipment
US West
USA Today
Uson, June (FEMA)

Vale, Jack (Seattle Police)
Vallejo, Eddie (Seattle Public Utilities)
Vallianatos, Mark (Friends of the Earth)
Vallor, Robert (Seattle Police Sgt.)
van Putten, Mark (National Wildlife Federation)
Van Staveren, Renske (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy)
Vance, Chris (King County Councilmember)
VanChantfort, Eric (USDA)
Vanleewuen, Ed (Seattle Police)
VanTrojen, Mike (Seattle Fire Cpt.)
Vaughn, Herb (Department of State)
Veloria, Velma (Washington State Representative)
Vick, Steve
Vickery, Alan (Seattle Fire)
Vienna Office (FBI)
Vietnamese Community of Washington State
Virginia Mason Hospital
Voiland, Jeannette (Seattle Public Library)
von Reichbauer, Pete (King County Councilmember)
Vradenburg, George (AOL)

Wagner, Vern (King County)
Wakefield, Dave (South Puget Sound Coordinator)
Waldmann, Ray (Boeing Co., SHO Director)
Walker, Dave (Captain, King County Sheriff's Office, Special Operations) / David
Wall Street Journal
Wallach, Lori (Director, Public Citizen, Global Trade Watch)
Wallenstein, Arthur (King County Dept. of Adult Detention)
Walsh, Jackie (Defense Attorney)
Walsh, Rich (King County Metro)
Warner, Doug (Law Enforcement Equipment)
Warner, Jo Ellen (Communications Team)
Ward, Doug
Washington Alliance for Immigrant and Refugee Justice (WAIRJ)
Washington Association of Churches
Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs
Washington Council of Churches
Washington Council on International Trade
Washington Council on International Trade (WCIT)
Washington Fair Trade Campaign
Washington Field Domestic Terrorism Squad
Washington Post
Washington Software Alliance
Washington Stadium Exhibition Center
Washington State
Washington State Convention and Trade Center
Washington State House Democratic Caucus
Washington State Legislature
Washington State Patrol
Washington State Troopers Association
Washington, Mike (Seattle Fire)
Watanabe, Dale
Watanabe, Dale (Seattle Fire Lt.)
Water Department, City of Seattle
Watt, Bob (Seattle Chamber of Commerce)
Webb, Harold (Seattle Fire Lt.)
Weigel, Bruce (Chief, Enumclaw Police Department)
Weiser, David (Mayor of Marysville)
Weisgerber, Larry (Seattle Transportation Dept.)
Welch, Richard (Police Department, City of Seattle)
Wellstone, Paul (United States Senator)
Wen, Mark (Seattle Community Colleges, SHO Chair)
Werner, Peter Hans (WTO)
West Precinct Commander
West, Patty (Blacks in Government, Southeast Chapter)
Westby, Eyvind (Fire Department)
Western Sustainable Agriculture
Westin Hotel
Westlake Mall
Whelan, Dan (Seattle Police Lt.)
White House
White, Bob [Sound Transit]
White, Dave (Kitsap Co. Sgt.)
White, Jim (Mayor of Kent)
White, Michelle (Seattle DON CSB)
White, S.
White, Scott
Whitney, Jennifer (Medical Team Coordinator, DAN)
Wilhelm, Gerry
Wilkerson, Steve
Wilkinson, Eric (KING 5)
Williams, Chuck (Director of Governmental Relations)
Williams, Steve (Chief Marshal Seattle Marshal's Office)
Williams, Welby (FBI)
Williams, Yolande (Court Administrator, Seattle Municipal Court)
Willis, Debbie (Washington State Patrol)
Wills, Heidi (Seattle City Councilmember)
Wilske, S. (Seattle Police Sgt.)
Wilson, Doug (National Political Director, Democratic Leadership Council)
Wilson, Ron Sgt. (Police Reserve Director)
Wilson, Steve (King County Sheriff's Office)
Wilson, Wayne
Wiltse, John (Mayor of Normandy Park)
Wingstrand, Brent (Seattle Police)
Winninghoff, Ellie
Winslow, Kamkeo
Wittman, Terry
Wolf, Tom (Washington State Patrol Sgt.)
Wolfensohn, James
Wood, Molly
Wood, Ronald (Director, Federal Way Dept. of Public Safety)
Woodward, David B.
Woodward, Leslee (Seattle Police)
Workers and Students for a Walkout Network (WASFAWN)
Workers Voices Coalition
Workforce Development Council
World Affairs Council, Seattle
World Bank
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
World Trade Organization (WTO)
World's Falun Gong Exposition Week & March
Wortman, Ed (Lieutenant, Port of Seattle Police)
Wortman, Ed (Port of Seattle)
WTO Coordinating Committee
WTO Intelligence Committee
WTO Ministerial
WTO Public Safety Committee
WTO Site Selection Team
WTO Task Force
WTOC Planning Unit (Seattle Police)

Yuthok, Chimie (Tibetan Rights Campaign)
Yuthok, Tsering (OIR)
Zapatista National Liberation Front (EZLN)
Zebrowski, John (Seattle Times)
Zedillo, Ernesto (Mexican President)
Zeto, Bill
Ziegler, Jay (Office of the US Trade Representative)
Zuniga, Javier (Amnesty Intl. Program Director)

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