Initiative Measure 96

AN ORDINANCE by the people of the City of Seattle condemning the War in Iraq.

WHEREAS, the people of the United States of America were led to war under false 
pretenses, against a nation that posed no credible threat to our own; 

WHEREAS, the war in Iraq has cost an estimated 1.2 million lives and approximately 
half a trillion dollars; 

WHEREAS, the democratically elected leadership of our nation continues to authorize 
increased war spending in contrast to the desires of the majority of Americans and the 
best interests of our nation; 

WHEREAS, the war on terrorism has been used to justify the erosion of our civil liberties 
and the desecration of our constitution; 

WHEREAS, there are many questions pertaining to the executive branch’s role in 
planning or enabling the attacks of September 11, 2001; 

WHEREAS, we the people of Seattle do not condone a war for the profit of few and the 
detriment of many; 

WHEREAS, the people of Seattle wish to thank the city council for condemning the war 
in Iraq, but also recognize that since the time of that resolutions passage, the war has 
continued and approximately twice as many people have died in the conflict; and

WHEREAS, we the people now wish to add our voices to our city’s cry for peace.  For 
this reason, the people of Seattle ask that the City Council place this measure on the 
ballot, enabling the people of Seattle to exercise our right to vote, in an effort to end the 


The City of Seattle shall declare that: 
1.	The War in Iraq is in violation of international law.
2.	United States troops must be brought home immediately.
3.	No new funding for the war shall be authorized by the Congress of the United 
4.	The War in Iraq is undemocratic and violates our country’s deepest values.
5.	We the people of Seattle declare the War in Iraq over! 
6.	A copy of this ordinance shall be sent to the 2008 President-elect of the United 
States, all US Senators and Representatives, the King County Council, and 
mayors of major cities all across the United States.

rev. 12/7/07