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The Office of the City Clerk keeps the records of the City Council and makes them available to the public. We also receive and keep many different types of documents from City departments that they are required by law or policy to file with the City Clerk. This page houses online tools you can use to find the documents and information you need.

This page focuses on items that have already been acted on by the City Council or meetings that have already been held. If you are looking for items that are still under consideration by the Council, you’ll find those at our Legislative Information Center. The City Charter and Seattle Municipal Code are available on the website of our codifier.

Combined search of legislation

Searches the titles and full text (where available) of all legislation.
(Legislation acted on by the City Council from 1869 to 30 days ago.)

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Go directly to a record by number.

Frequently researched records

Quick access to some of our most requested records.

More about our collections and these research tools

  • The documents we keep have come to us over nearly 150 years and in a variety of formats: paper, microfiche, digital files. Tracking and data entry practices have varied over time.
  • The information presented here is believed to be correct, but errors may be present.
    • Contact us if you have questions about anything you find in these pages or to notify us of an error.
  • We do our best as resources permit to improve the information and increase the number of documents we present online, including digitizing paper and microfiche records.
  • The information in these databases is not the "official" copy of any information represented here.
    • For copies of officially filed documents, contact the Seattle City Clerk's Office.
  • The tools we use to track and give access to our documents contain a mixture of full-text records in which you can read the whole document, and descriptive records that help you identify what you need.
  • Documents that are not posted online in full are kept at the Office of the City Clerk.
    • They can be consulted there or you can request copies of specific items.