Seattle Municipal Code Table of Contents


This title is intended for those provisions of the Code which relate to the prohibition and regulation of certain conduct for the preservation of the public peace, morals and welfare.
  • Chapters:
  • Subtitle I Criminal Code
  • 12A.02      General Provisions—Definitions
  • 12A.04      Criminal Liability Defenses
  • 12A.06      Offenses Against Persons
  • 12A.08      Offenses Against Property
  • 12A.10      Offenses Against Public Morals
  • 12A.12      Offenses Against Public Order
  • 12A.14      Weapons Control
  • 12A.16      Offenses Against Governmental Order
  • 12A.18      Offenses Against Children or Dependent Persons
  • 12A.20      Controlled Substances
  • 12A.22      Gambling Offenses
  • 12A.24      Liquor Offenses
  • 12A.26      Mayor's Emergency Powers
  • 12A.28      Miscellaneous Offenses
  • 12A.30      Inhalation, Possession and Sale of Substances Releasing Toxic Vapors or Fumes
Severability: If any provision of Subtitle I, or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the remainder of the subtitle, or the application of the provision to other persons or circumstances is not affected, and to this end the provisions of Subtitle I are declared to be severable.
(Ord. 102843 § 12A.01.010(4), 1973.)
  • Chapters:
  • Subtitle II Miscellaneous Regulations
  • 12A.50      Social Card Games
  • 12A.54      Climbing on Wedgewood Rock
  • 12A.56      Arrest of Probationers
  • 12A.58      Unauthorized Police Badges
  • 12A.60      Fire Alarm and Police Signal Systems
  • 12A.62      Medical Expenses for Citizens Injured While Aiding Police
  • 12A.64      Trespassing on Garbage Dumps
Cross references: For the following provisions, see the Code chapter indicated below:False and misleading advertising, Ch. 7.08Disclosure of unit prices, Ch. 7.12Fair employment practices, Ch. 14.04Unfair housing practices, Ch. 14.08Collection of information for law enforcement purposes, Ch. 14.12Park use rules and regulations, Ch. 18.12Noise control, Ch. 25.08
Statutory Reference: For statutory provisions on assault and other crimes involving physical harm, see RCW Ch. 9A.36; for provisions on unlawful imprisonment and custodial interference, see RCW Ch. 9A.40; for provisions on sex crimes, see RCW Ch. 9A.44 and Ch. 9A.88.
Statutory Reference: For statutory provisions on reckless burning and malicious mischief, see RCW Ch. 9A.48; for provisions on burglary and trespass, see RCW Ch. 9A.52; for provisions on theft and robbery, see RCW Ch. 9A.56.
Statutory Reference: For statutory provisions on public indecency, prostitution and sex crimes, see RCW Ch. 9A.88.
Statutory Reference: For statutory provisions regarding public disturbances, see RCW Ch. 9A.84; for provisions on disturbing school or school meetings, see RCW 28A.87.060.
Statutory Reference: For statutory provisions regarding firearms and dangerous weapons, see RCW Ch. 9.41.
Statutory Reference: For statutory provisions on obstructing governmental operations, see RCW Ch. 9A.76.
Statutory Reference: For the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, see RCW Ch. 69.50.
Statutory Reference: For statutory provisions on gambling, see RCW Ch. 9.46.
Statutory Reference: For statutory provisions on alcoholic beverages, see RCW Title 66.