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What gets searched?

The Legislation General Search searches across Council Bills/Ordinances, Resolutions, Clerk Comptroller Files, and the Seattle Municipal Archives Published City Documents Collection.

All fields in these four databases are searched. Full text is only searched for those records that have full text posted (generally, for legislation 1996-present).

What does the Date Range Limit do?

The following date fields are used when you select a date-range limit from the drop-down menu on the search page. If any date in one of the below fields falls within the selected range, the record will be retrieved.

Record Type Date Field Code Date Field Meaning
Council Bills and OrdinancesDTIRIntroduction/Referral
Council Bills and OrdinancesDTSDate signed
Council Bills and OrdinancesDTAMayor's signature
Council Bills and OrdinancesDTFDate filed with the City Clerk
Clerk FilesDTFDate filed with the City Clerk
Clerk FilesDTIRIntroduction/Referral Date
Comptroller FilesDTFDate filed with the City Clerk
Comptroller FilesDTIRIntroduction/Referral Date
ResolutionsDTIRIntroduction/Referral Date
ResolutionsDTSIDate Signed
ResolutionsDTMYDate Presented to Mayor
ResolutionsDTFDate Filed with the City Clerk
Published City DocumentsDATEDate of publication

What if I want to search on specific fields?

For advanced searching, you may wish to search on each database separately, using the navigation tabs or links above.

However, within the Legislation General Search, you can specify a field by adding it after your query term using the following format:


...with dots surrounding the two-to-four letter field name.

For example, to search on "trees" in the Title field, you would enter: trees.TI.

Note that where a field doesn't exist across all databases, only records from the database with that field will appear.

See General Search Tips for more information.

What if I want to find other types of records in the Clerk's Office and Municipal Archives?

This search only includes the four databases listed above.

Use the navigation tabs at the top of the page, or view the complete list to search other databases.

Please feel free to contact the Clerk's Office for assistance.

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