Initiative Measure 87


Great Schools for a Great City

      WHEREAS the City of Seattle has a compelling municipal interest 
in supporting the Seattle Public School's efforts to raise student 
achievement and to reduce the disparity in educational achievement 
that now exists between students of varying economic, ethnic, racial 
and cultural backgrounds; and 

      WHEREAS the City of Seattle has a compelling municipal interest 
in having a school system that is a model for urban districts across 
the country; and

      WHEREAS the City of Seattle has a compelling municipal interest 
in restoring music and arts to the Seattle Public Schools in support 
of the City's investment in music and arts as part of the cultural 
fabric of the city; and 

  WHEREAS any sustainable economic strategy begins with focusing 
community investments in academic achievement; and

      WHEREAS the City of Seattle and its children cannot afford to 
sit back and idly watch the financial strangulation of the Seattle 
Public Schools as the School Public Schools responds with structural 
changes to funding challenges;


Section 1.  Legislative Findings

a. Providing City services, including the enhancement of educational 
programs described in this initiative, is a City purpose.

b. The educational programs to be funded are intended to support 
student academic achievement and are supplemental to the basic 
education financed by the State of Washington and the Seattle Public 
Schools maintenance and operations levy, and will not displace or 
reduce state funding for the public schools in the Seattle School 

c. In 1990, 1997, and 2004, the voters of Seattle approved measures 
that provided funding for educational services to Seattle's school 

Section 2.  Definitions.  As used in this measure, the following 
words when capitalized have the following meanings:

a. "City" means City of Seattle.

b.  "Funds" means the Funds required to be spent by this Ordinance.

c. "People" means the people of the City of Seattle.

d. "Seattle Public Schools," "Seattle School District," and "School 
District" mean Seattle School District No. 1.

e. Secondary "core classes" means the areas of English and language 
arts, mathematics, science, social studies, arts, music, and 
languages other than English. 

Section 3.  Expenditure of Funds-Amount

    For the years 2008 through 2013, the City shall provide to the 
School District additional funding for educational programs as 
defined herein in an amount that is not less than the additional 
regular property tax levy amount authorized by Seattle voters for 
educational purposes. 

Section 4.  Expenditure of Funds-Allocation 

  The Funds shall be allocated as follows:

1. 75 % of the funds shall be used to provide class size relief, 
program enhancement and restoration of critical coursework in 
elementary, middle and high schools across the district. The funds 
will be allocated by the school district to the following three 

a. To restore a comprehensive arts, drama and music program and 
library services for elementary, middle and high schools, including 
restoring instrumental music at middle and elementary schools. Funds 
may be used to provide materials and instruments for these purposes;

b. To target reductions in class size and/or pupil classroom teacher 
ratios in core classes at the secondary level and for reducing class 
size and/or pupil-classroom teacher ratios in elementary schools; and

c. To provide, tuition free, all-day kindergarten for all children 
enrolled in School District; and

2. 20 % of the funds shall be used to reduce the disparity in 
educational achievement that now exists between students of varying 
economic, ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds. The funds will be 
allocated by the school district to the following three purposes:

a. Providing extended learning opportunities, through lengthened 
school days or school years and/or further reducing class size or 
pupil-classroom teacher ratios, to students needing additional in-
class support to graduate on time and to meet state and district 

b. To increase student achievement by providing time for school staff 
to meet and focus on curriculum and teaching strategies to meet the 
needs of students; and

c. To provide other school-based student support, such as nurses. 
certificated counselors, or social workers; and

3. 5% of the funds shall be used to support classrooms, purchase 
teaching materials, support new teachers, and support custodial and 
maintenance needs for the increased operational hours and space 

      None of the Funds shall be used by the School District to 
supplant then-existing City support of students and schools; nor 
shall any of the Funds be used to supplant then-existing state, 
federal and levy funded expenditures for the purposes set out in this 

  Any Funds not expended in the year in which they are collected will 
be carried forward by the School District to be used in subsequent 
years in accordance with this Section.

Section 5.  Implementation

  The City shall enter into all contracts necessary to effectuate the 
purposes of this measure.  The City shall consider raising the Funds 
required to be expended by this measure by increasing in accordance 
with Chapters 84.52 and 84.55 RCW the regular property taxes to be 
levied for the years 2007 through 2012, as approved by the voters.  
Should the voters disapprove of that increase in the regular property 
tax levy, this Ordinance shall not take effect. 

Section   6.  Oversight

  The School District shall provide to the Citizens of the City and 
the City Council on an annual basis, beginning no later than August 
31, 2009, and annually thereafter, a report on the use of the Funds 
and the impact of this funding upon class size, progress toward 
graduation, graduation rates, student attendance, student 
achievement, disproportionate academic underachievement based upon 
race, ethnicity or low socio-economic status, student and teacher 
turnover, and disproportionate referrals to discipline and special 
education based upon race, ethnicity, or low socio-economic status. 

Section 7.  Severability

      In the event that any one or more of the provisions of this 
ordinance shall for any reason be held to be invalid, such invalidity 
shall not affect any other provision of this ordinance or the 
allocations and expenditures authorized and directed herein, but this 
ordinance shall be construed and enforced as if such invalid 
provisions had not been contained herein; and any provision which 
shall for any reason be held by reason of its extent to be invalid 
shall be deemed to be in effect to the extent permitted by law.  

Section 8.  Effective Date

      This measure shall take effect and be in force thirty (30) days 
from and after its passage by the City Council and approval by the 
Mayor (but if not approved and returned by the Mayor within ten (10) 
days after presentation, then as provided by Municipal Code Section 
1.04.20); or in accordance with City Charter Article IV, upon 
proclamation of the Mayor within five (5) days after the election at 
which it is approved by the People.

rev. 4/11/06