Council Bill and Ordinance Database field names

Descriptive Fields
TYPE Document Type
CBN Council Bill Number
ORDN Ordinance Number
SPON Sponsor
COMM Committee Referral
STAT Document Status
DATC Document Creation Date
DATM Document Modification Date
DTIR Introduction/Referral Date
DT2R Second Reading Date
DT3R Third Reading Date
DTA Mayor's Signature/Approval Date
DTV Veto Date
DTS Sustained Date
DTO Overriden Date
DTF Date Filed
TI Title
REF References/Related Documents
INDX Index Terms
MISC Comments
VOTE Vote Count
USR User ID of Creator/Modifier
DTSI Date Passed by Council and signed by Council President
DTMY Date Presented to Mayor
PUB Publication information
PG Pages
SCAN Scanned Document Available (Y=available)
CMR Committee Recommendation
DCMR Date of Committee Recommendation
CMV Committee Vote
DTFC Date for Full Council Consideration
Full Text
TX Text (Note the full text of records is generally available and searchable for bills and ordinances dating since 1996.)
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