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Seattle Business Tax Rules

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15-000.May 15, 2007[DOC]Rules Adopted.
25-002.February 5, 2019[DOC]Business License Tax Certificate Requirements
35-006.July 15, 2005[DOC]Tax Returns - Filing and Payment.
45-007.July 14, 2016[DOC]Penalties.
55-008.July 14, 2016[DOC]Recordkeeping requirements.
65-009.July 14, 2016[DOC]Limitations on tax assessments.
75-033.May 15, 2007[DOC]When tax liability arises.
85-034.July 14, 2016[DOC]Finance charges, carrying charges, interest and penalties.
95-035.July 15, 2005[DOC]Freight and delivery charges.
105-037.May 15, 2007[DOC]Accounting methods.
115-039.July 14, 2016[DOC]Employees distinguished from persons engaging in business.
125-040.July 15, 2005[DOC]Corporations, Massachusetts trusts.
135-042.May 15, 2007[DOC]Successor liability.
145-044.May 15, 2007[DOC]Value of products.
155-063.July 15, 2005[DOC]Returned goods, allowances, cash discounts
165-064.July 14, 2016[DOC]Credit losses, bad debts, recoveries.
175-065.May 15, 2007[DOC]Taxes deductible and nondeductible.
185-067.May 15, 2007[DOC]Accommodation sales, exchange of fungible products.
195-068.May 15, 2007[DOC]Pool purchases.
205-100.July 15, 2005[DOC]Extracting natural products.
215-112.July 15, 2005[DOC]Commercial or industrial use.
225-125.June 22, 2010[DOC]Casual or isolated sales.
235-127.July 14, 2016[DOC]Sales to, and by, the State of Washington, counties, cities, school districts and other municipal subdivisions.
245-130.July 15, 2005[DOC]Selling price--Advertised prices including sales tax
255-131.July 15, 2005[DOC]Trade-ins, selling price, sellers" tax measures.
265-132.July 14, 2016[DOC]Leased departments.
275-133.July 14, 2016[DOC]Warranties and maintenance agreements.
285-275.May 15, 2007[DOC]Installing, cleaning, repairing or otherwise altering or improving personal property of consumers.
295-276.May 15, 2007[DOC]Constructing and repairing of new or existing buildings or other structures upon real property (including property owned by governmental entities).
305-404.July 14, 2016[DOC]Sales of meals.
315-405.July 15, 2005[DOC]Restaurants, cocktail bars, taverns and similar businesses.
325-481.July 14, 2016[DOC]Motor carriers - Trucking.
335-500.May 15, 2007[DOC]Computer software.
345-501.May 15, 2007[DOC]Computer hardware.
355-502.May 15, 2007[DOC]Taxation of information services and computer related services.
365-523.July 15, 2005[DOC]Sales of precious metal bullion and monetized bullion.
375-530.July 15, 2005[DOC]Sale or rental of real estate, license to use real estate.
385-531.July 14, 2016[DOC]Sales of real property, standing timber, minerals, natural resources.
395-532.July 15, 2005[DOC]Real estate brokers and salesman.
405-600.July 15, 2005[DOC]Educational institutions, school districts, student organizations, private schools and child care services.
415-700.July 15, 2005[DOC]Amusement, Recreation, and Physical Fitness Services.
425-702.July 15, 2005[DOC]Coin operated vending machines, amusement devices and service machines.
435-720.July 15, 2005[DOC]Hotels, motels, boarding houses, rooming houses, resorts, summer camps, trailer camps, etc.
445-803.July 15, 2005[DOC]Consignees, bailees, factors, agents and auctioneers of tangible personal property.
455-804.May 15, 2007[DOC]Staffing business, staffing services.
465-806.July 15, 2005[DOC]Advertising agencies
475-807.July 15, 2005[DOC]Outdoor advertising and advertising display services.
485-005.July 14, 2016[DOC]Time payments.
495-277.January 31, 2008[DOC]Clearing land, moving earth, cleaning, fumigating, razing or moving existing buildings, and janitorial services.
505-300.January 31, 2008[DOC]Telecommunications service, telephone business, and telephone service.
515-536.January 31, 2008[DOC]Leases or rentals of tangible personal property; financing leases.
525-801.January 31, 2008[DOC]Personal services, service activities.
535-900.January 31, 2008[DOC]Admission tax for nightclubs.
545-920 (Repealed 1/1/2010).January 31, 2008[DOC][REPEALED] Imposition of the employee hours tax.
555-126.January 31, 2008[DOC]Conditional and installment sales, method of reporting.
565-921.January 31, 2008[DOC]Exemptions, deductions and credits available under the employee hours tax.
575-930.April 18, 2008[DOC]REPEALED - Square Footage Business Tax (Square Footage Tax)
585-925.January 1, 2009[DOC]Parking tax computations
595-003.July 14, 2016[DOC]Business license tax certificate suspension and revocation
605-004.July 14, 2016[DOC]Transfer of business license tax certificate
615-030.July 14, 2016[DOC]Persons making sales through a direct seller's representative
625-031.January 1, 2009[DOC]Measure of Tax - Retailers and Wholesalers
635-032.January 23, 2009[DOC]Measure of Tax - Service and Other Business Activities
645-038.January 23, 2009[DOC]Effect of rate changes on prior contracts and sales agreements
655-043.July 14, 2016[DOC]Engaging in Business
665-045.January 23, 2009[DOC]Allocation and Apportionment Methods
675-060.January 23, 2009[DOC]Intrastate, Interstate and foreign selling activity. Inbound and outbound sales of tangible personal property from or to persons outside the City of Seattle, including those persons in other states or foreign countries.
685-066.January 23, 2009[DOC]Non business income -Grants - Bona fide initiation fees, dues, contributions, tuition fees and endowment funds.
695-111.January 23, 2009[DOC]Manufacturing and processing for hire
705-524.January 23, 2009[DOC]Abstract, title insurance and escrow business
715-810.January 23, 2009[DOC]Publishers of newspapers, magazines, and periodicals.
725-802.January 23, 2009[DOC]Legal, arbitration and mediation services
735-809.January 23, 2009[DOC]Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Linen and Uniform Supply, and Self-service and Coin-operated Laundry Services
745-046.June 19, 2010[DOC]Valuing the measure of the tax for business activities between related, controlled or affiliated persons.
755-901.July 14, 2016[DOC]Admission tax exemption for Music Venues.
765-069.September 17, 2012[DOC][Expired 6/7/2017] Life Science Research deduction
775-012.July 14, 2016[DOC]Refunds
785-129.July 14, 2016[DOC]Tribes and Tribal Members / Citizens
795-521.September 16, 2014[DOC]Stock Brokers and Security Houses
805-620.September 16, 2014[DOC]Hospitals, other medical care facilities, and adult family homes
815-522.September 16, 2014[DOC][Repealed 1/1/2017] International Investment Management Services Rule
825-193.July 14, 2016[DOC]Interstate Activities of Waterborne Transportation
835-953.November 7, 2017[DOC]Sweetened Beverage Tax

Documents: 1 - 83 of 83   Search String : 2=1 : 1=0